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ApponsView is an universal software for real time X-Ray Linear Detector image system. Detector control, X-ray control and image process are combined to the demo software, through simple configuration it can be used as customer application software.

Detector command
The software can be developed to compatible with different brand radiation detector, and it can be USB port, Serial port or Ethernet port. The following detector commands are included:
Scanning speed (Integration time, time/line)
Detector information
X-Ray source command
The X-ray source control command can be combined to ApponsView, Below are the general command.
Tube Voltage
Tube Current
Warning status
Image capture
Image is transferred from detector through USB port, Ethernet port or other customized port. For a real time image grabbing system, ApponsView can rapidly process huge amounts of image data so avoid lose data.
Simple image process
The basic image process functions are combined to the demo software, functions as below:
Image correction
Grey level transform
Noise filter
Edge identify

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